schickSAAL*: your Café in Lübeck

Café, bistro and breakfast in the city centre

Café schickSAAL* is a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious place! Feel at home at our lovely café and have an freshly-brewed coffee from “Aroma Zapatista” roasted at “La Gota Negra” in Hamburg. While having your coffee, discover our card and board game selection or browse through on of the available newspapers. You can choose from various left-wing weekly newspapers and journals as for instance the “Neues Deutschland”, the  “TAZ”  or the “Missy Magazine”. Furthermore our menu offers various tempting vegan and non-vegan cakes and a wide selection of teas.

Everyday, except for Tuesdays, we offer a delicious breakfast. Everything is prepared on site with fresh products and varies a little from day to day. If you want to give it a try, please call and make a reservations, just to be sure there’s a table for you in our little café. So, if you look for a place to go for a late breakfast in Lübeck, it’s café schickSAAL!

Every third Wednesday of the month we organize an event called Küfa (kitchen for everyone), where we prepare a multi-course menu for a small price. Our policy is to buy our products from reional and/or other collectively organized suppliers and to make sure that our prices are fair and affordable.

Once a month we invite everyone to come to our “Fancy-Cake Sunday”. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to make sure not to miss out on the most delicious cakes in Lübeck.