Our pub in the city centre of Lübeck

Wednesday to Saturday evening our pub in the city centre of Lübeck is opened. From organic beer to Ginger shots, we offer anything your heart could desire.
Our pub in the middle of the old town of Lübeck in the Clemensstraße 7 is collectively organized and beloved for its hand-picked variety of beverages. We try to avoid supporting capitalistic structures and rather give your/our money to other collectives. When you have a beer at our hostel you do not only support our collective but also other businesses that does not strive for profit maximization. Instead of ClubMate you will get Kolle-Mate from a collective in Dresden. Instead of a Becks, you will get organic, collectively produced Premium Pils from Hamburg. We obtain our liquor from the distillery Krummesse, from ZornKorn in Hamburg and from the collective Elixierliköre. Another highlight: our beloved espresso machine. You can get an excelent espresso, a delicious Latte Macchiato or a creamy hot choclate, even when the sun is long gone. And it does not end there with our specialities: We offer delicious snacks, such as a crispy Panini, freshly baked cakes and our famous fancy french fries made from organic potatoes and served with homemade vegan mayonnaise or tomato ketchup. All our ingredients are organic and/or regional.
Apart from our treats you get to hear, see and experience some astonishing things at our pub. We have a small stage on which we regularly organize concerts, readings, speeches and other events. If you yourself have any suggestions you can contact us at booking@schicksaal.net.