about us

the collective schickSAAL* is currently a group of eight people of different ages, ancestries and sexual identities.

we organize the hostel as collective, so that we can feel good as well, to experience our workplace as free space and to give our visitors a magnificent time on their journey.

in our collective there are many colorful, partly longlasting experiences in self-organized groups and structures. some of us live in the ‘houseproject’ “freie hütte”. in the fall of 2015, pretty much the entire collective has helped and created a refugee support for the refugees on their way to scandinavia. hand-in-hand with many others, we organized sleeping berths, food, clothing, medical assistance, translation and advise for the refugees. meaning we already did quiet a lot of work waiting, in a similar way, for us in the hostel project. primarily to take care of the people, listen to them and take them seriously. and to debate in a basis-democratical way, with decisions in consent, on regular meetings.