everything is changeable and shall stay like that!

change start with the idea and the decision to act!

a hostel with café and pub as a self-governed work-project, to explore practical ways to prove the misconception, capitalism being inevitable, wrong – 300 years are more than enough!

supplies for the people can be payable and attractive/beautiful without being based on the neoliberal logic of profit maximization and constant market growth. we still want to be able to pay our bills with this work. meaning, a proper sallary, equal for each work. we will give all other profit to other kollectives, projects or initiatives with similar political intentions and values or lower our prices. all members of the collective decide on all topics together and with equal rights. all consent without bosses!

the popular saying “Kunde ist König” (lit. customer is king) does not apply here. an appreciative and self-reflective behavior, concerning whomever, is indispensable for us – several thousand years of patriarchy are more than enough, as well!

we want to arise a creative and living place for enriching contact on the respective journey – from whereever, to whereever and whyever. space and supplies will be shaped with a ‘political aestheticism’. for a sense of a colorful and solidary interconnection, we need to conceive the entire spectrum, internal and external, as beautiful. far from capitalistic pragmatism.

a place for mesmerizing and enabling irrationalites.

to fill the journey with life – to take the life as journey.


the collective schickSAAL*